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Thanks for supporting Refreshing 90.9 fm.

Your source for all things local.

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Celebrating 26 years of providing
Christ-Centered, Community-Focused
programming and music to Fairfield County!

Here’s what you get with us that you won’t get anywhere else:

  • Daily programs delivered by local personalities discussing issues and events happening in your home town
    • Over 35 local programs available for download each week!
  • Year-round coverage of your favorite local sports contests including:
    • Football
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • OU-L
    • Special Olympics
  • Christ-centered music to encourage your soul
    • New Contemporary Christian Hits!
    • Listen local, listen live!
  • News, weather & traffic affecting your daily routine
    • Breaking news to keep you informed throughout the day!

 Here’s the Listen Local challenge:

  1. Program your radio to Refreshing 90.9fm
  2. Invite your friends to listen to Refreshing 90.9fm

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