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The mission of Refreshing 90.9 fm is to provide Christ-centered, Community-focused information, programming, & music.


To be Christ-centered, Refreshing 90.9 fm will provide programming to strengthen, encourage, and teach from God’s word, and play Christian music that spreads a message of hope.

To be Community-focused, Refreshing 90.9 fm will act as a connecting resource between the listener and their community through news, programs, youth sports broadcasts, and public service announcements. Refreshing 90.9 fm will help build a better Fairfield County by advocating Christ-likeness to be applied to all areas of our community. Refreshing 90.9 fm will be an informational resource for all residents of the community no matter what faith, race, ethnicity, economic or political designation.

Refreshing 90.9 fm will accomplish its vision in professional, attractive, and interesting ways using terrestrial radio, online-radio streaming, and the internet.

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