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2016-17 Winter Sports Downloads

Listen to the games on Refreshing 90.9 fm!

Amanda-Clearcreek Aces

Berne Union Rockets

Bloom-Carroll Bulldogs

Canal Winchester Indians

Fairfield Union Falcons

Fairfield Christian Knights

Fisher Catholic Irish

Lancaster Gales

Liberty Union Lions

Millersport Lakers

Pickerington Central Tigers

Pickerington North Panthers

Click on the links below to listen to the action of this season’s fall sports broadcasts from Refreshing 90.9 fm.  OR right click with your mouse and “save link as” to keep a copy on your computer for future use.

2016-2017 Winter Sports Broadcasts
Dec 1Girls BasketballFairfield Christian @ Berne Union7:30 pm
Dec 9Girls Basketball Pickerington Central @ Pickerington North6:00 pm
Dec 9Boys BasketballPickerington Central @ Pickerington NorthFollows 6 pm game
Dec 10Boys BasketballBerne Union @ Fairfield Christian7:30 pm
Dec 13Boys BasketballLogan @ Lancaster7:30 pm
Dec 16Girls BasketballPickerington Central @ Lancaster7:30 pm
Dec 30Boys BasketballBloom-Carroll @ Canal Winchester7:30 pm
Dec 17Boys BasketballFairfield Union @ Amanda-Clearcreek7:30 pm
Dec 20Girls BasketballLiberty Union @ Amanda-Clearcreek7:30 pm
Dec 23Boys BasketballNewark Catholic @ Fairfield Christian7:30 pm
Jan 3Girls BasketballCanal Winchester @ Lancaster7:30 pm
Jan 6Boys BasketballPickerington North @ Lancaster7:30 pm
Jan 7Girls BasketballGeneral Sherman
vs. Thomas Ewing - 7th Grade
10:00 am
Jan 7Girls BasketballGeneral Sherman
vs. Thomas Ewing - 8th Grade
Jan 7Boys BasketballGeneral Sherman
vs. Thomas Ewing - 7th Grade
Jan 7Boys BasketballGeneral Sherman
vs. Thomas Ewing - 8th Grade
Jan 7Boys Basketball Millersport vs. Fisher Catholic 7:30 pm
Jan 10Boys BasketballCircleville @ Bloom-Carroll7:30 pm
Jan 11Girls BasketballBexley @ Bloom-Carroll7:30 pm
Jan 13Boys BasketballFisher Catholic @ Berne Union7:30 pm
Jan 14Girls BasketballGrove City Christian @ Millersport6:00 pm
Jan 17Boys BasketballMillersport @ Fairfield Christian 7:30 pm
Jan 19Girls Basketball Fairfield Christian @ Fisher Catholic7:30 pm
Jan 20Boys BasketballBloom-Carroll @ Fairfield Union7:30 pm
Jan 21Girls BasketballFairfield Union @ Amanda-Clearcreek7:30 pm
Jan 24Girls BasketballPickerington North @ Canal Winchester7:30 pm
Jan 27Girls BasketballPickerington North @ Pickerington Central6:00 pm
Jan 27Boys BasketballPickerington North @ Pickerington CentralFollows 6 pm game
Jan 28Women's College BasketballMiami-Hamilton @ Ohio University-Lancaster1:00 pm
Jan 28Men's College BasketballMiami-Hamilton @ Ohio University-Lancaster
Follows 1 pm game
Jan 31Girls BasketballCircleville @ Bloom-Carroll7:30 pm
Feb 3Girls BasketballFisher Catholic @ Berne Union7:30 pm
Feb 4Girls BasketballLiberty Union @ Hamilton Township2:30 pm
Feb 7Boys Basketball Fairfield Union @ Liberty Union7:30 pm
Feb 9Girls BasketballNewark Catholic @ Fairfield Christian7:30 pm
Feb 10Girls Basketball Bloom-Carroll @ Fairfield Union7:30 pm
Feb 11Boys Basketball Liberty Union @ Amanda-Clearcreek7:30 pm
Feb 16Girls Basketball [Tournament] Fairfield Union vs. Vinton County8:00 pm
Feb 17Boys Basketball Fairfield Union @ Bloom-Carroll7:30 pm
Feb 18Girls Basketball [Tournament] Centennial vs. Canal Winchester1:00 pm
Feb 20Special Olympics BasketballNew Albany @ Fairfield DD6:00 pm
Feb 21Girls Basketball [Tournament] CSG vs. Amanda-Clearcreek7:00 pm
Feb 24Girls Basketball [Tournament] Johnstown vs. Bloom-Carroll7:00 pm
Feb 25Girls Basketball [Tournament] Berne Union vs. Madison Christian7:00 pm
Feb 26Women's College Basketball [ORCC Championship]
Ohio State - Lima vs. Ohio University - Lancaster
1:00 pm
Feb 27Boys Basketball [Tournament] Berne Union vs. Fisher Catholic7:00 pm
Feb 28Girls Basketball [Tournament] Liberty Union vs. North Union7:00 pm
Mar 2Boys Basketball [Tournament] Danville vs. Fairfield Christian7:00 pm
Mar 3Girls Basketball [Tournament] Marion Pleasant vs. Liberty Union8:30 pm
Mar 4Girls Basketball [Tournament] Wellington vs. Fairfield Christian6:00 pm
Mar 7Girls Basketball [Tournament] Dublin Coffman vs. Pickerington Central 6:15 pm
Mar 8Girls Basketball [Tournament] Liberty Union vs. Summit Country Day8:00 pm
Mar 9Girls Basketball [Tournament] Danville vs. Fairfield Christian7:00 pm
Mar 10Boys Basketball [Tournament] Heath vs. Bloom-Carroll8:30 pm
Mar 11Boys Basketball [Tournament] Fairfield Union vs. Miami Trace4:00 pm
Mar 15Boys Basketball [Tournament] St. Charles vs. Pickerington Central7:00 pm
Mar 16Boys Basketball [Tournament] Bloom-Carroll vs. Dayton Dunbar5:30 pm
Mar 16Boys Basketball [Tournament] Eastmoor vs. Fairfield Union8:00 pm
Mar 18Boys Basketball [Tournament] Pickerington North vs. Pickerington Central7:00 pm
Mar 24Boys Basketball [OHSAA Division I State Semi-Final]Moeller vs. Pickerington Central 5:15 pm
Apr 1Biddy BasketballLancaster Biddy Basketball Championship4:30 pm
*Schedule is subject to change.For schedule changes, follow us on twitter.
^ Tip-off times are approximate

90.9fm covers local High School sporting events. 90.9 also covers local college (OU-Lancaster) and some junior high events as well. If you would like to find out more about our coverage of local sports, please contact Tim Boulware at (740) 689-0909 or email:

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