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2016 Fall Sports Downloads

Listen to the games on Refreshing 90.9 fm!

Amanda-Clearcreek Aces

Berne Union Rockets

Bloom Carroll Bulldogs

Canal Winchester Indians

Fairfield Union Falcons

Fairfield Christian Knights

Fisher Catholic Irish

Lancaster Gales

Liberty Union Lions

Millersport Lakers

Pickerington North Panthers

Pickerington Central Tigers

Click on the links below to listen to the action of this season’s fall sports broadcasts from Refreshing 90.9 fm.  OR right click with your mouse and “save link as” to keep a copy on your computer for future use.

  2016 Fall Sports Broadcast Schedule  
Aug 25VolleyballMillersport @ Fairfield Christian7:00 pm
Aug 26FootballNew Lexington @ Fairfield Union7:00 pm
Aug 26FootballLakewood @ Amanda-ClearcreekDigital Delay
Sept 1VolleyballLiberty Union @ Bloom-Carroll7:00 pm
Sept 2FootballAthens @ Canal Winchester7:30 pm
Sept 2FootballEast @ Liberty UnionDigital Delay
Sept 3Girls SoccerFisher Catholic @ Liberty Union1:00 pm
Sept 6VolleyballPickerington Central @ Pickerington North7:00 pm
Sept 8VolleyballAmanda-Clearcreek @ Fairfield Union7:00 pm
Sept 9FootballLicking Valley @ Bloom-Caroll7:00 pm
Sept 9FootballCanal Winchester @ DeSalesDigital Delay
Sept 16 FootballBloom-Carroll @ Liberty Union7:00 pm
Sept 16 FootballFisher Catholic @ MillersportDigital Delay
Sept 20College VolleyballHocking College vs. Ohio University-Lancaster6:00 pm
Sept 22VolleyballFisher Catholic @ Berne Union 7:00 pm
Sept 23FootballMillersport @ Fairfield Christian7:00 pm
Sept 23FootballBerne Union @ Fisher Catholic Digital Delay
Sept 27VolleyballPickerington Central @ Lancaster6:30 pm
Sept 30FootballFairfield Union @ Amanda-Clearcreek7:00 pm
Sept 30FootballFairfield Christian @ Berne UnionDigital Delay
Oct 3VolleyballBloom-Carroll @ Canal Winchester7:30 pm
Oct 4VolleyballBerne Union @ Fairfield Christian7:00 pm
Oct 5Boys Soccer Bloom-Carroll @ Fisher Catholic5:00 pm
Oct 6VolleyballFairfield Christian @ Fisher Catholic7:30 pm
Oct 7FootballPickerington Central @ Lancaster7:30 pm
Oct 7FootballTeays Valley @ Liberty UnionDigital Delay
Oct 14FootballPickerington North @ Pickerington Central7:30 pm
Oct 14FootballLiberty Union @ CirclevilleDigital Delay
Oct 15FootballFairfield Christian @ Fisher Catholic7:00 pm
Oct 20Volleyball (Tournament)Fisher Catholic vs. Berne Union6:00 pm
Oct 21FootballFairfield Union @ Liberty Union7:00 pm
Oct 21FootballLancaster @ Pickerington NorthDigital Delay
Oct 22Youth FootballLancaster Youth Football League Championship12:00 pm
Oct 22Volleyball (Tournament)East Knox vs. Fairfield Christian2:30 pm
Oct 28FootballBloom-Carroll @ Fairfield Union7:00 pm
Oct 28FootballLiberty Union @ Amanda-Digital Delay
Oct 29Volleyball (Tournament)Fairfield Christian vs. Delaware Christian1:00 pm
Oct 29FootballHarvest Prep @ Fairfield Christian 7:00 pm
Nov 4Football (Playoffs)Bloom-Carroll vs. Shelby7:30 pm
Nov 4Football (Playoffs)Pickerington North vs. Hilliard Bradley Digital Delay
Nov 5Football (Playoffs)Liberty Union vs. Garaway7:00 pm
Nov 11Football (Playoffs)Pickerington North vs. Pickerington Central7:30 pm
Nov 18Football (Playoffs)Pickerington Central vs. Huber Heights Wayne7:30 pm
Nov 25Football (Playoffs)St. Xavier vs. Pickerington Central7:30 pm
For changes follow us on twitter @909fmsports* Schedule is subject to changeDigital Delay games immediately follow LIVE games

90.9fm covers local High School sporting events. 90.9 also covers local college (OU-Lancaster) and some junior high events as well. If you would like to find out more about our coverage of local sports, please contact Hannah Ison at (740) 689-0909 or email:

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